Uninstall Preinstalled Apps In Android Phone Latest Guide


Do you want to uninstall pre-installed apps?

Uninstall preinstalled apps, if you are finding uninstall preinstalled apps tips so, you are here right place because in this article I’ll share with you How we can uninstall preinstalled apps.

Uninstall Preinstalled Apps

Q. Why we uninstall preinstalled apps?Uninstall Preinstalled Apps

Whenever your smartphone memory full so, you want to uninstall the useless application, but Android rule is you can’t install preinstalled application.

Basically Who method I wold like to share with that method is tricks.

You Can uninstall any Android Application Like Email, Hangout, Google Map, Custom browser, E.T.C.

Android Phone Root

First of all, you need to do Root your Android phone because root must require for uninstalling preinstalled apps.

What is Root

Root is Android application when you install root application on your smartphone, so your phone will root, I already wrote an article about Root just now I would like to share with you Android phone Root Guide article can Read that article Following the Link.

Android Phone Root Step By Step 2017 Guide

After the install Root application, You’ll need to install Root Uninstaller Android Application Let’s Follow Next sentence.

Root Uninstaller

There Are several methods On the internet but in this article, I’ll tell you about Root Uninstaller Application, using this application can quickly uninstall your phone preinstalled apps.

You can download this application on the play store Following the below Link.

Download button

Root Uninstaller

After the install Root Uninstaller First you need to open that App Then will show you some options Like SYSTEM APPS, 3RD APPS, All APPS, DISABLE APPS, Installer, Tool Box.

Will click on the System Apps.

Root Uninstaller

Then will show you all System Apps, wich app you want to uninstall, need to click that icon, Will show you some option Like Disable, Uninstall, Backup, Reset E.T.C.

In that time will need to click On the uninstall option.

Root Uninstaller

Then will wait few seconds Your App will uninstall Preinstalled apps.

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