Someone Using WiFi Check Using App And Software Best 2017 Guide

Someone Using WiFi Check Using App And Software Best 2017 Guide
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You Know about who is using your WiFi?

We always think About Someone Using WiFi in this article I would Like to share with you best way to check Wo is using our WiFi, Yes You Can Know Someone Using WiFi.

Someone Using WiFi
someone using wifi

I’ll show You top 2 ways about check Someone Using WiFi.

Let’s start with Top 2 Ways.

#1. Fing – Network Tools

I hope this method helpful for you because, in my opinion, this method is very easy with the 100% working information.

First, I’d like to share with you How can we check who is using WiFi using Fing WiFi application If you have an Android smartphone so can follow the first step otherwise follow the second step.

Fing - Network Tools

First of all, you need to Download this Application then install. You can download Fing WiFi tool Application on the Play Store or Download Following the downloading Link blew.

Download For Android: DOWNLOAD

After the download Fing WiFi tool, Follow The Some steps

  • Open your mobile menu.
  • Open the Fing Network Tools.
  • Then it’ll show you All connected WiFi

“Like This”

Fing - Network Tools

Fing – Network Tools official Website:

For more Application Check Someone Using WiFi.

Check Who’s Using My WiFi Using Computer Software

This method only for PC and Laptop users so, using this process can check Someone Using WiFi just helping software.

First Of all, You need to download only one software, that name is “Who is on my WiFi” can download this software on the internet will typing “who is on my WiFi” Then download.

Or can also download in this article, following the Downloading Link


How to Share Mobile Internet Via WiFi

After install who’s is on software, open that software in your computer or Laptop then will wait few minutes software will show all connected devices.

I hope you understand very well

Who’s On My WiFi software’s Official Website:

Someone Using WiFi Using WiFi Router

If You’re the owner of Your WiFi router and want to Know Someone Using WiFi So guys this guide for you.

Using this method can check Someone Using WiFi, can also use this method on your PC or Laptop so let’s start with the third Step by Step Guide.

Who is Using My WiFi Using WiFi Router

Remember: I’m showing this guide using TP-Link router If you have Tp-Link router so well and Good otherwise can check Someone Using WiFi another WiFi Router.

In my opinion, All WiFi Routers provide user checking facility, Follow Some steps.

1.Type of your browser or then you’ll click on the Enter button.

Who is Using My WiFi Using WiFi Router

2.You’ll show popup box that will ask you your WiFi router’s Username And Password by default Tp-Link WiFi router username  “Admin” and password also “Admin.”

3.After the login will click on the DHCP button.

Who is Using My WiFi Using WiFi Router

4.Then tap on the DHCP Clients List button.

Who is Using My WiFi Using WiFi Router

will show you all WiFi and computer users.

“Like This”

Who is Using My WiFi Using WiFi Router

I Hope this article helpful for you, and Don’t forget to Like And Share this Guide with your friends And relatives subscribe our Newsletter.

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