Connect WiFi Without Password: In Android Best Guide 2017


Do you Want to Connect WiFi Without Password?

If yes Good news For you in this article I’ll show you how can we connect WiFi without password using WPS Tricks.

In this process, you don’t need any software and application.

After the follow the complete article hopefully you’ll be able to connect wifi without password using WPS.

Question: what is WPS?

Answer: WPS Full Form Is WiFi Protected Setup.

Let’s Start.

Connect WiFi Without PasswordConnect WiFi without password

Why did we need to connect WiFi Without password?

Most of the time we have own WiFi Connection When we Connect our WiFi first time in our Mobile Phone, Tablets, iPhone E.T.C.

After The Connect WiFi some days later we Forgot About our WiFi Password.

What is my WiFi password?

So guys in this situation how to connect WiFi Without Password.

Whenever You forgot your WiFi Password, you can connect WiFi without Password very quickly without using any software and application only using WPS Tips and tricks.


Whenever we go to our Friend’s and relative’s Home, we want to connect WiFi, And also go to the office, and we also think I wish to connect Office WiFi.

So guys Cheer you up.

Whenever Want to connect WiFi Without Password So, you can connect WiFi using WPS. Just you need to learn some steps following this guide. First of all, You’ll find where WiFi router is.

After the found WiFi Router you’ll find router’s “WPS BUTTON” Most of The WiFi router’s WPS button have the Back site.

“Can Follow The Image”

connect wifi without passwoed

After the found WPS button you’ll push WiFi WPS button one time. Then Go in your Mobile WiFi option and find Mobile WPS option then tap WPS Pin Entry option.

“Follow The Image”

connect wifi without password

The connecting process will start then you’ll wait few seconds.

“Like This”

connect wifi without password

After the complete these process, your WiFi Automatically will be Connect with your smartphone without the password.

In this article, I showed you how to connect WiFi without Password using WPS if you want to Recover your WiFi Password after the forgot or reset your phone can read an article about WiFi Password recovery following the below link.

How To Recover WiFi Password Through Application

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