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Block Websites: Using TP-Link WiFi Router 2017 Guide

Today I’m going to show you How to block websites using WiFi router.

In this article I’ll use TP-Link router if you don’t have TP-Link router can also use any other wireless router.

Because any router’s company provide websites blocking option, in Wireless Routers but settings are different.

Question: Why should We Block Websites?

Answer: Because on the Internet have a lot of needless websites Like Porn, Entertainment, Sex, dates E.T.C

Whenever our Kids Or siblings using the Internet so they can see porn content, They can visit sex websites In this situation, we can block porn or entertainment websites.

After the block websites, they can’t see porn content, I’m going to show you complete guide step by step guide about how can we block needless websites follow complete article then you’ll be able to block websites.

Let’s start.

Block Websites

First of all, will type in your web browser’s search bar Or

Will show you a login popup box you’ll type your username and password then hit enter.

After the login, you have to show your wireless router dashboard, and you’ll click on the “access control” option.

“First Step”

Block Websites

Then you’ll click host option will show you the new window.

“Like This”

Block Websites

Host: When will show you new screen will click on the add new button.

You’ll create host description.

Block Websites

Mode: Select IP address.

Host Description: Type any Description Name who you want.

LAN IP Address: Will type this IP address, the first type ( – then hit the save button.

Second Step (Don’t Miss)

After the set Host, you’ll be open the target option.

Block Websites

Target: tap on the target button you’ll show the new window.

“Like This”

Block Websites

Mode: select the Domain Name option.

Target Description: Type any Name who you want.

Domain Name: Type domain names which you want to block like,, E.T.C

Then hit the save button.

Third Step

Schedule: Go on the schedule option and create a new schedule for blocking websites after the click on the Schedule option you’ll show again the new window you’ll click on the “Add New.”

then Will show you like this screen.

Block Websites

Schedule Description: In this field can type any name who you want,

Can set Blocking period can select days or select every day, and hit the save button.

4th And Last Step

Role: last of all you’ll open Role option then click on the “Add New” button and save role name,

  • First set your host who you created.
  • The Select target which you created.
  • Schedule select.
  • Select status enable.
  • Hit the Save button.

I hope you have been able to block needless websites after the doing this process will check blocked websites.

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    tanveer Dec 30, 2016 at 4:38 pm

    It’s helpful article thanks.

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