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Best Android Games 2017 – Top 10 Free With Download Links

Hi, in this article I going to show you which are the best Android games in the world I’ll share with you step by step guide about Top 10 Android games. The good thing is you can download those games just clicking on the download button.

Best Android GamesBest Android Games

According to “Positive health wellness” Top 12 health benefits Playing Video Games, So, let’s know which one best video games for Android and iOS devices.

Let’s Start.

#1. Subway Surfers

First of all, We’ll know about the world most popular game in the world “Subway Surfers” yes it is best Android Game in the world.

The subway surfers is first ranking in Android and iOS games You the app
Develop by: Kiloo. It’s worldwide 500 million Downloads The Rating also Good (4.4) Colorful And HD video Game Developer Email:

Can also visit Official website following the link

It’s developed for all smartphones like iPhone, Android, Microsoft, E.T.C, because It’s a best Android games, in my opinion, you should do Install subway surfers on your mobile just Now.

Because It’s entertaining and best time pass game, follow the Download link.

Download For iOS: ► DOWNLOAD

Download button

#2. 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool Game: It’s also second best Android game for Android users it has a lot of features. The major thing is you can Download And Install free of cost.

This Game App available on the play store And Apple store. The game best thing is you can play snooker with your friend and relative using the Game app Can play direct online follow the link: 8 Ball Pool Play Online.

Game Develop By rating is very Good (4.4) Worldwide 100 Million Users Downloads Can Contact Them: Facebook.

Eight-ball pool is a snooker Game. So Guys should Install This game.

For iOS Devices: ► DOWNLOAD

Below Button for Android Game.

Download button

#3. Temple Run

Temple Run is The most exciting Android Game; We should always play This game.

If you have a Smartphone like iPhone, Android, And Microsoft. You can Install This game quickly, in This game recently added a lot of features.

You’ve run fast And Do turn right And left And jumped up. If you stop so witch, kill you.

  • Developed by: Image Studios
  • Release date August 4, 2016.
  • Official website:
  • worldwide 100 million Downloads users
  • contact email:

Temple Run is a very exciting Game I strongly recommended you Download And Install This game.

Can Install This Game For your iPhone And Android Smartphones. Click On The Download button And Install.

Download For IOS: ► DOWNLOAD

Download button

#4. My Talking Tom

My Tom Talk best Entertainment game for kids. You are finding best Android games for your children.

I suggest you, My Talking Tom because This Game develops Outfit7 they developed a lot of Games I’m showing you all Outfit Games List who you can Download on Play store only one click.

My Talking Angela, Talking Ginger, Talking Tom Cat, Talking Tom Cat 2, Talking Ben the Dog, Talking Tom Gold Run, Talking Tom Jetski, talking Angela,

If you want to Know about those Games And Download can follow the My Talking Tom Official website.

  • Official site:
  • developed BY: OutFit7
  • My Talking Tom Downloads 100 Million User
  • Rating is 4.4 Gives 11,637,035
  • Developer email:

Follow the Download Links

Download for IOS: ► DOWNLOAD

For Android Follow the Below Link

Download button

#5.Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a 5th position in the top 10 Best Android Games in the world.

You also saw This Game on the Facebook because can play This game on the Facebook want to play on the Facebook Follow the Link: Candy Crush Saga Facebook

This Game develops for any operating system like iPhone Microsoft, Android. The Candy Crush Saga listed in Top 10  best Android Games.

  • Downloads worldwide 500 Million People
  • rating 4.4 Gave “17,003,496” People,
  • This Game develop by King
  • Official website:
  • Release Date April 12, 2012

Download For Apple device Follow the link: ► DOWNLOAD

Download for Android Follows the below Downloading Link.

Download button

#6.Hill Climb Racing

Hill climb listed in best Android Games in 6th position. It’s one of the exciting Driving Game it has a lot of different vehicles Like Jeep, truck, tank, bike.

It’s a 2D video racing Game First You should Install This App then Know about that Application.

They have Developed 2 Games one Hill Climb Racing And second Hill Climb Racing 2 in this article I’m telling you about Hill Climb Racing one.

Know About: Hill Climb Racing 2

  • Developed by: Fingersoft
  • It’s also 100 Million user Downloads
  • The rating also 4.4 for gave 7,710,178
  • Official website:

It’s available For any platform like play store, Apple store, Windows store, And it’s also available on Facebook.

Can play this Hill Climb Racing on the Facebook Follow the Link: Hill Climb Facebook

Download For iPhone: ► DOWNLOAD

Follow the Download link then Install for Android.

Download button

#7.Clash Of Clans

Clash of clans is a third position in the Best Android Games list it’s launch for IOS devices since 2012.

That time it was best in the world, so the clash of clans developers Launch it for Android Smartphones in 2013.

Clash Of Clans is a multiplayer Game I hope you’ll love this Game after the Install on your Smartphone.

  • Clash of Clans develop: Supper Cell
  • The release date is October 2, 2012
  • Play Store Rating 4.6 gave 32,774,539 people
  • 100 million people Downloads
  • Official Website:

Download for iOS: ►DOWNLOAD

Download For Android Follow the below link

Download button

#8.Pokemon Go

Now just I’m telling you about world’s Quickest successful best Android Games, And also best Game For iPhone.

Pokemon Go has a lot of fans. It’s location based Game.

If you want to know other details follow the Pokemon Go On Wikipedia

Download For IOS: ► DOWNLOAD

Download For Android click on the below link

Download button

#9.Fruit Ninja Free

Fruit Ninja Free It’s the best video game for everyone released April 21, 2010, for iPhone, iPad, And Android, they also develop for Windows Mobiles on December 22, 2010.

I hope First you’ll Install This Application Then read More article.

  • Fruit Ninja develop by Half Brick
  • 100 million user Downloads
  • Rating is 4.3 gave 4,535,362
  • The launched on April 21, 2010
  • Official website:

The Game available for all operating systems like iPhone, Windows phone, X-Box 360, Windows 8, Nokia Symbian.

That’s why I’m adding this in top 10 Best Android Games

IOS Downloading Link: ► DOWNLOAD

Download for Android device Follow The Link

Download button

#10.Traffic Racer

Traffic racer It’s a Best Android Games in Racing Games category it has some vehicles like cars, truck, van, buses, SUVs E.T.C.

It’s an endless Game you can watch traffic racer trailer follow the video.

  • Develop by: SK Games
  • Worldwide 100 million users
  • play store rating 4.4 gave (4,614,175)
  • The Official Website is:

Download for IOS Device: ► DOWNLOAD

Download button

I hope who Best Android Games I’m showed you those are top 10 Best Android Games in the world.

Know About Best Android Applications: Best Android Application 2017

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