Forgot Phone Password Or Pattern Lock How To Unlock


if you forgot phone password and pattern lock so Do not be disturbed. in this article i’ll show you how to unlock android mobile. recently i forgot phone password. when i was very upset. when i decide i’ll unlock android phone on my self.

Forgot Phone Password

i switched on my computer and search on the Google “i forgot phone password” how to unlock my phone. Google Provide a lot of result but most of the website provide sucks information. one website i found that they provide correct information about unlock password. and i learned that site How to unlock android device.

forgot phone password

when i decide i’ll share this tips for My website user. you forgot phone password and pattern lock you’ll unlock on your self. after the read complete article you’ll be able to unlock android device.

in this article i’ll show you 100% working way. how to unlock android device.

Attention : you can unlock your android phone only reset your mobile. user your data will delete.

Master Reset Android Phone

let’s start guys first way is the best way in my opinion because if you want to unlock your device follow this way.

How To Uninstall Pre Installed Application

1. switch of your Mobile Phone.

2. when your phone switched off you’ll press your phone switch off button with volume Down button both are button together press only five to ten second.

if your smartphone’s Samsung company so you’ll together do press Home button.

3. you’ll show android recovery system.

Like This

forgot phone password

4. on that time your phone three button are working Power button, volume up and down button. you’ll press volume down button scroll on the wipe data factory data reset option and then press power button to select it.

and than you’ll wait few seconds. your phone is restoring. when your smartphone is reset than your phone is automatically restart.

Now your phone reset. you can set your mobile phone language and enter your email address and password E.T.C.

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