Android System Update Without Computer Just Two Minutes

android system update without the computer. first thing is why you update your android system.

if you’ve old phone so defiantly your phone android version and future are old.

if you want to update your Mobile phone android system without using the computer so this article for you read this article.

Android System UpdateAndroid System Update

Let’s Start

first of all, you should have the android mobile phone then you’ll go in your Android mobile setting option.

open your mobile setting option. you’ll do little bit scroll down mobile menu.

then you have to show “system updates” option will tap on that option.

if you don’t show system update option so you can find that on “about section” your phone you’ll be showing this option.

android system update article

when you click system update option you’ll show one new option like “check for system update” if your phone already updated so you’ll show this message “your device software is up to date.

if your phone doesn’t update so your smartphone automatically start then will wait few minutes.

when completing your android system update process so you’ll show one popup box you’ll tap Ok.

Follow the Image….

your mobile android system will be updated. if you want to change your mobile phone android version like the jelly bean to KitKat, or KitKat to lollipop.

you can follow these links who I’m showing you.

KitKat to Lollipop Android System Update: Kitkat ► Lollipop

Marshmallow to Lollipop Android system update: Marshmallow ► Lollipop

Kitkat To Marshmallow Android system update: Kitkat ► Marshmallow

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