Android Data Recovery Trough App And Software


Hello guys today we gonna show you how to android data recovery using application and computer software.

first thing is why we are recover android mobile data whenever you reset your smartphone so your mobile data also lost.

you can recover your mobile complete data on your self.

Let’s start…..

Android Data Recovery

android data recovery

internet have a lot of ways of android data recovery but in this article we tell you easiest and 100% working way you can recover android data.

first of all i want to show you how to recover data using android application.

second i’ll tell you how to recover data computer software.

Android Phone Should Be Rooted

want to recover your android phone any file like WiFi password, images, videos, audio songs e.t.c your Smartphone should be rooted because if your phone is rooted. phone data recovery is possible or it’s not possible.

first of all you should root your mobile i also show you how to root android phone follow blew link.

other wise you want to recover your data using computer. you don’t need to root your mobile. you want to know what is root. how to root your phone. can Follow blew link.

How To Root Android Mobile Without Using Computer

GT Recovery UnDelete Restore

this application is very famous and easy to use. because in this app have Good technology’s  free for every android user and 100% working.

guys we already told you Google play store have a lot of android data recovery Application but some app are working and a lot of app faked. after the using this app you’ll very helpful.

can recover using this app like WiFi password, messages, call history, images, E.T.C.


How To Use This App

after install GT recovery. you will be open this application you will be show on your screen some functions like image recovery, WiFi password recovery, massages recovery e.t.c.

Android Data Recover Software

android data recovery software. we told you android data recover using Android Application but now i  show you how to recover android mobile data through computer.

recovery android software is the best android data recovery software.

but this software is pro software don’t worry you can also use this software free version without purchase. they are provide our new customer free trail vision.


How To Use Android Recovery Software

when you’ll Download android recovery software. you’ll be install this software you will be open on your computer front of your computer screen will have 4 options.

which file you want to recover you’ll be tap that option and then connect your extension like Smartphone, or SD card, tap on the recover button.

and choose your file which file you recover and click next button your files will be recover.

Wait Few Minute…

after the recover your file. software will ask you do you want save this data on your android device or your personal computer chose and save your data.


in this article we told you how to android data recovery using Android Application and Computer software. i hope this article helpful for you.

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