Android Backup & restore Step By Step Guide


the first thing is why we create android backup. because in our android phones have lot of precious data. if your phone data is lost by mistakes or your phone is damage. you have to lost your data.

after the read this article you can create your precious data backup through Android Application without computer.

let’s start first i’ll show you how to create a android backup and then show you how to restore android backup. if you want to create your phone backup. so this article for you. and you should read the complete article because in this article we’ll show you How to create backup your phone data.

Android Backup

android backup

on the internet have lot of android backup applications and  articles but most of the ways and applications running problems and Enormous amounts you have to face advertisement problems.

but today we’ll show you the best ever and useful application in regards to. application name is “Easy Android Backup And Restore” the app available on the internet and play store.

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if you don’t found this application on the play store and internet so you can download this application in this article i’ll also give you Application downloading links. hit download button and install.


when you download “easy android backup and restore app” and then open backup application. you’ll be show five options on your mobile screen. Like Backup, Apps Tools, Restore, View, Delete. you’ll hit backup option.

and then you’ll show one popup box you’ll ask you do you want to create a backup now. if you want create a backup you’ll hit yes button.

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then open new window on your mobile screen. again this application ask you. select option that you should create if you want create all files backup you’ll be mark all. and again hit Ok.


now you’ll be show six option. like SD Card, Gmail, Dropbox, Google drive, you can select your option, which your data save. if you want your data save on your memory card you can click first SD card option. if you want to save your data the Google drive you can hit Google drive option.
2016_05_21_13.01.50and then again show you one popup box. you’ll enter your backup name. and hit Ok. your phone backup automatically start you will wait tow or three minutes. and your mobile backup will be create.


Restore Android Backup

if you want to restore your phone backup. you have to go easy backup and restore application you’ll show six option. you’ll tap restore option choose your file location.


than you have to show pop up box app will ask you which file to restore who you want to restore mark them like SMS, MMS, calendar, images e.t.c and tap Ok.

Remember : after restore your applications Don’t forget to install them.

in this article we told you how to android backup and restore. if you want to know about world top most Expensive Mobile Phone so you can read complete article and know about which is the most expensive mobile phones.